Lendon Scantlebury, sculptor, painter, curator

Lendon Scantlebury, sculptor, painter, curator
Born in Barbados, Lendon was a dynamic and colourful character with a deep enthusiasm for art. He moved to the UK in 1971 bringing with him the memories of his early life in Barbados - the sights, sounds and smells of which recalled deep meanings for him and formed the basis for his art.
He described his sculptures as "mainly contemporary, looking at the human psychological and spiritual journey in life, using materials such as wood, leather and cloth to eventually be made into bronze, giving a representation of the subject rather than detail. Sculpture means shape form and simplicity".
Lendon worked for over 30 years in the bronze foundry and sculpture casting business, having owned and run his own art foundry for some years. This gave him the knowledge and understanding of working in bronze as well as the wide range of patinas - restoring as well as creating new work. He was a passionate professional artist who exhibited widely and curated successful exhibitions to showcase not only his own art but also that of his fellow artists carefully chosen to complement the venues - Ardington, Turn End, Bothy Vineyard and many more.
Lendon also encouraged young aspiring artists to explore new media and methods and had planned to endow a foundation to enable more young people to discover the art within them. The Heartstone Fund has been created by his friends and fellow artists so that his name will continue to inspire and motivate.
Lendon Scantlebury: 23 October 1960 - 11 January 2017

Lendon Scantlebury - Sculpture in the Vineyard
Photograph by Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd. www.paulwilkinsonphotography.co.uk

Founding members of The Heartstone Fund are Dawn Benson, Jeanette Howse and Meriel Lewis

Dawn Benson produces stylised, figurative sculptures in bronze and bronze resin. Most of her sculptures are based on families and relationships. Being a mother, much of her inspiration is drawn from experience. In the intimacy groups the figurative sculptures are sensitive and loving. Dawn brings tension, humour and sensitivity to her work. She also captures the deep bond between children and horses, incorporating a myriad of feelings and emotions both dependant and interdependent. These sculptures are much sought after. Dawn also produces work to commission, both private and corporate, either on a small scale or for outdoor or monumental sculptures.

Dawn Benson

Jeanette Howse BEM, Chairman of Didcot Events including the Christmas Street Fair for nearly 25 years, Business Development Executive for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxford for Tourism South East. Jeanette has led the team that organises Didcot Christmas Street Fair for the last 21 years. She worked for 25 years at Didcot Railway Centre and is now encouraging tourism to the area as part of the Tourism South East team. She is passionate about community spirit and has helped many businesses expand and refine through her encouragement and professionalism.

Jeanette Howse

Meriel Lewis, administrator. Meriel worked with Lendon on his successful exhibitions at Bothy Vineyard, Frilford Heath; Turn End Garden, Haddenham; Old Brick Farm, Stewkley; The Mole Inn, Toot Baldon; Farmer Gows, Faringdon and Upper Maddle Farm, Lambourn. She provided the administration support to ensure the art was delivered on time, to the right place and even to give names to some of the sculptures! She is now working with Dawn and Jeanette to curate new exhibitions for Heartstone Arts, the exhibition side of The Heartstone Fund.

Meriel Lewis